Case Study - Successful Condo Renovation: Scope, Timeline

Renu My Condo Case Study

Case Study: Successful Condo Renovation – On Time, On Budget, and Beyond Expectations

In this case study, we delve into a challenging yet successful condo renovation project. Our client, a condo owner in need of a comprehensive renovation, sought to upgrade their living space. They chose our team for the job based on our reputation for quality work and commitment to client satisfaction.

Project Overview:
•Client: Condo owner seeking a complete renovation.
•Location: Condo unit in a prime urban area.
•Scope: A full condo unit renovation, including structural improvements, aesthetic enhancements, and upgrading various fixtures and fittings.
•Timeline: Committed to completing the project in 4 weeks.
•Challenges: Tight schedule, various technical issues, and unexpected repairs.
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