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4 Surefire Ways to Make Your Condo Renovation Faster

Are you planning the renovation of your dreams? Are you spending hours designing every nook and cranny to perfection, putting things on your vision board, and filling photo galleries with inspirational pictures? We totally get it! Of course, once work is underway, you want the project to be finished ASAP. Whatever your reasoning is to speed up the process, no one wants their condo renovation to feel like it’s taking a lifetime to get done. So, read on for the best ways to make your renovation go by quicker.

Be Flexible With Materials

You’re not always going to get your first choice of material for every plan – and that’s okay. Due to supply chain issues, you may have fewer options while upgrading your space. However, that doesn’t mean you must compromise on style or quality! Being open-minded is the key! You can find a treasure trove of suitable alternatives that could work perfectly fine as long as you’re flexible.

Don’t Do Anything Structural

The more significant the structural change, the more intense the work will have to be and the longer it will take. When planning your renovation, remember that foundational changes to your condo will most often lengthen your process. This is because they can be complicated with approvals needed from property management and the condo board. For the sake of time and efficiency, it’s best to keep your changes surface level (literally!).

Have Your Papers Provided To The Condo Board For Approval

The condo board will require paperwork for your renovation. They will want to see the scope of work, start and completion date, the agreement and contractor’s WSIB, and insurance certificate. They will also need details, including flooring changes, as they could require a sample of the underlayment to see that it meets the requirements of the building and to know if you’re working with contractors. Keep these details handy to save time and make your renovation go faster.

Hire An Experienced Contractor

Sometimes spending a little extra will save you money in the long run! When you hire an experienced contractor, they come with something that is entirely priceless – industry knowledge. An experienced contractor can keep hiccups to a minimum and/or find creative solutions to ensure there are fewer delays during your project. Not only will they do everything in their power to finish your renovation on time, but they will also eliminate the need to speak with tons of different people to complete the project. They are there to handle contacts with any trades that are required. Plus, good contractors will ensure that your design requirements are met while also adhering to building codes.

Now that you’ve got a few tricks on keeping your condo reno length to a minimum, and understand the importance of hiring an experienced contractor to complete your dream makeover, let RENU My Condo help! Just visit renumycondo.com for more info.

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