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Before & After: Renu’s Condo Renovation

Bathroom renovation by Renu

At Renu, we take pride in unlocking the hidden potential of every space we touch. In our latest renovation project, we enhanced a classic area, infusing it with fresh, modern aesthetics that truly reflect our client’s vision. From initial concept to final reveal, this transformation exemplifies our commitment to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Join us as we explore the journey of enriching space with contemporary design and expert execution, showcasing its renewed beauty and functionality.

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The Vanity

The transformation of this bathroom vanity exemplifies modern elegance and enhanced functionality. The updated design features sleek, dark cabinetry that offers ample storage and a stylish contrast to the bright, marble-like countertop. Above, a contemporary lighting fixture replaces the old bulbs, providing better illumination and a cleaner aesthetic. The new mirror enhances the sense of space, and by adding some space between the mirror and the countertop, the space looks more organized. This makeover revitalizes the room while significantly boosting its usability and appeal.


The Bathtub

The new and modern fixtures in the bathroom contribute to a ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic. The marble-like tiles bring an element of sophistication and elegance. The crisp, clean lines of the modern bathtub complement the stunning wall treatment, creating a seamless visual flow. This upgrade enhances the bathroom’s appearance and improves the overall bathing experience, turning everyday routines into spa-like indulgences. Such thoughtful and stylish updates significantly increase the comfort and value of the home!


The Shower

Following the theme, the newly renovated shower space also features luxurious, marble-like tiles that exude elegance and cleanliness. The addition of a sleek, contemporary showerhead and updated fixtures enhances the visual appeal while also improving the functionality with more efficient water usage. A clear glass enclosure adds a touch of sophistication and helps to make the space appear larger and more open.


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