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Bathroom Paint Colours to Match Your Zodiac Sign

paint colours to match your zodiac sign

Thinking about redoing your bathroom but not sure which paint hue to choose? Try tuning into your astrological sign for inspiration! Since your home reflects your personality, your zodiac can impact how you design and enjoy your space. So read on to learn which bathroom paint colours match your zodiac sign, and start your renovation ASAP.


Aries is a fiery, vibrant sign, and it’s no surprise your bathroom paint colours will reflect that! Opt for a muted red, bright orange, or light yellow.


As a conventional Earth sign, your ideal colour is green! But if you want an even earthier colour, try a beautiful brown or beige.


This energetic sign prefers light spaces with an open and clean feel. Thus, whites, light greys, and ice blues are all ideal choices.


As a bit of an introvert, Cancer cherishes serenity. Go for a neutral palette of whites and grays or metallic silver or rose gold if you want a pop of colour.


Leos love everything royal and enjoy making their home their palace. So choosing dark purple, royal blue, or marigold will work best!


Virgos are often practical yet elegant, making navy blue a great choice. Pair it with modern browns and blacks to pay homage to your Earth sign.


Libras are charming, beautiful, and well-balanced. Plus, they love anything luxurious! So dusty pinks, creams, and pastels are a perfect choice.


An intense and moody bathroom will suit a Scorpio perfectly! Your go-to shade is black, but you can opt for a deep gray or maroon to bring out your passionate side.


Free-spirited and magnetic with an unrivaled sense of adventure, a Sagittarius isn’t afraid to experiment with colour. So why not try lime green, cerulean blue, or citrus orange? 


This revolutionary yet laid-back sign loves a timeless look, making white or cream an ideal choice. But if you’re looking for something more colourful, opt for olive green – it’s chic and classy, just like you.


As a water sign, you’ll always be attracted to the colours of the ocean. Periwinkle and taupe are the ideal colour choices for relaxing and unwinding in your spa-like bathroom sanctuary.


Your eccentric personality means almost anything goes! As the unique and bohemian sign of the bunch, turquoise suits you to a T — cool yet vibrant! But opting for any shade of blue or purple will match your sign and style!

Did the stars align? If these hues from your zodiac palette spoke to you, don’t hesitate to visit our blog and find even more renovation inspiration and tips.

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