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How To Throw A Virtual New Year’s Eve Party

virtual new year's eve

This year we’ll all be celebrating virtually, so it’s time to take your party-planning skills online. If you’re hoping to spend time with some friends and family this New Year’s Eve, we’ve gathered some helpful tips. You can throw a great virtual celebration and ring in the new year in style. Let’s get planning!


Start With Your Guest List

virtual new year's eve

Your virtual New Year’s Eve celebration all starts with a guest list. Decide how many people you want to invite, as well as a theme for the evening. You might also want to think about the activities you’ll include, based on who you’re inviting and what they might enjoy. Games are always popular, as are charades and trivia, and they’re fun for all generations. A dance-off can liven things up and change the energy, or you can challenge everyone to a Beat Shazam-style game to name that tune. It doesn’t hurt to draw out a loose schedule for the evening, though hopefully you won’t need one!

Pick Your Platform

virtual new year's eve

By now we’re all familiar with at least a few online platforms that would be perfect for hosting your virtual New Year’s Eve. You know your group best, so take their preferences into consideration and pick the platform that the majority have experience with and find  easiest to use. You can host a free, 40-minute Zoom session for up to 100 guests, or longer if you have a paid account. A Skype call can accommodate 50 people for free. You can also use Facebook Rooms to start a video chat for up to 50 friends and there is no time limit.

Send Out An Invite

virtual new year's eve

Make sure everyone on your guest list receives a proper invite so you’ll know if they are able to attend. When you send out the invitation for your virtual New Year’s Eve celebration, include every bit of information your guests could possibly need: the link, date and specific time, plus any theme-related info you want them to know. If your vision includes a certain dress code, say so. If you hope to enjoy coordinated food and drink (more on this shortly), share your plan. Invites can be sent through email, text, or an online tool such as Evite.

Create Party Packages

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While this particular step isn’t necessary, it definitely qualifies as an extra that will make your party memorable. You can create small party packages for your guests, which you can drop off on their doorsteps in advance. They don’t have to cost a lot, but can include fun party favours such as balloons, banners, noisemakers, party hats, streamers, etc. If you have chosen a theme, your party favours could reflect it. This little package serves two purposes: it’s practical and saves your guests from having to find supplies of their own and it helps guests get excited for your celebration.

Plan Your Food And Drinks

virtual new year's eve

You can plan your own food and drinks for the evening or you can suggest a menu and have everyone follow along. Choose a cocktail and some appetizers or a specific cuisine. Of course, it doesn’t matter at all whether your guests are eating and drinking the same things you are. It can also be fun to let guests decide on their own and see what everyone else chooses to indulge in!

Create A Cool Backdrop

virtual new year's eve

Time to set the stage with an impressive party backdrop. Create your own set-up in a corner of your home and have some fun with it! You can always choose a great virtual backdrop, like a cosy holiday scene or bright and colourful fireworks; the platform you’ve chosen will offer a variety of lighting and effects you can play with. Your virtual New Year’s Eve party should also have a killer playlist, so get started on that now. Ask your guests for their requests so everyone gets a chance to hear a few favourites.

We hope we’ve given you some creative ideas about how to plan your own celebration this December 31st. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great tips on how to make the most of the holiday season.

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