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Is Your Renovation Quote Too Good To Be True?

is your renovation quote to good to be true

With any renovation project, there are often additional costs that don’t make it into the initial quote. Moving furniture, demolishing and dumping, and clean-up are all services that may end up on an invoice and lead to a number larger than you expected. Unless you know to look out for these, the quote you get from a contractor can seem too good to be true. Try not to focus solely on the features and finishes; there is more to a quote than the materials used. Here we discuss some of the misconceptions and the most common hidden costs in any renovation.

Demolishing And Dumping: Another Unexpected Expense

is your renovation quote to good to be true

Another aspect that can be overlooked is the cost of demolition and the dumping of unwanted materials. In the excitement of planning a renovation, it’s easy to focus on the fun of choosing new features and finishes and imagining them in your space. But first your home must be cleared out in a safe manner and all unneeded elements properly disposed of. Remember to factor this into your quote, as you’ll need to pay to have all of these materials removed and taken away.

The Cost To Move Your Furniture And Appliances

is your renovation quote to good to be true

Before any work can start, the space you’re about to renovate needs to be prepared. If you’re about to renovate your kitchen and main living area, you need to ensure that all of your furniture and appliances have been safely removed from the space first. The cost to do this is not often included on your quote. These large, bulky items will need to be moved, stored away, then safely brought back and reinstalled once the work has been completed.

Labour Costs

is your renovation quote to good to be true

While labour costs are accounted for in your quote, you can run into issues if your contractor is less skilled. It may take them extra time to complete the work, which will end up costing you more. Any unexpected issues that arise during the renovation process will also require more labour, which can push you beyond the schedule originally laid out and increase the price. Hire a reputable contractor who has an experienced crew, insurance, and credentials, as this will save you money in the long run; you are paying for their expertise.

Remember, the cheapest price may not always be the full picture. Make sure any renovation quote you receive includes the full range of costs involved so it will accurately reflect what you can expect to pay. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home renovation tips.

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