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Modern Kitchen Design Trends: The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design, from Finishes to Appliances

Kitchen Design Trends 2023

Redesigning your kitchen is an endeavour that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a decision that deeply impacts the heart of your home. As the space where you craft delectable meals and share cherished moments with family, the kitchen holds a special place in our lives. This significance becomes even more pronounced in condo living, where the layout is compact, and carefully considering design choices can elevate the whole look and feel.

As such, here are some design trends and tips for your next kitchen upgrade.

Concealed Appliances

Integrating concealed appliances in the kitchen brings forth a seamless and luxurious aesthetic, amplifying the overall ambiance of the space which is particularly beneficial in smaller kitchen areas. By blending appliances discreetly into the cabinetry and design, the flow of the kitchen remains uninterrupted, allowing for a cohesive and sophisticated look. It also grants you the freedom to focus on other design elements of your choice such as cabinets. One such example would be cabinets – with no appliances to interrupt the flow of the kitchen, you have the freedom to choose any colour you’d like without worrying about balancing it out. While panelled appliances provide a seamless and sophisticated look, there can be some downsides. The installation process can be complex as they are custom-made to suit your space, but consulting with professionals, like RENU, can make the process much easier. With our years of experience, we can walk you through all the parameters of the process so you have a realistic idea of the project.

The Lighting

While there are more than a few popular trends when it comes to kitchen design, one thing they all have in common is a combination of lights to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island mixed with ceiling spotlights is one of the most comfortable setups. Opting for a glass-bowl pendant, a circular pendant with colour, or an encased lantern – all of these options contribute to a sleek and contemporary look. Another popular trend is under-cabinet LED lighting, which provides ample light for any task and is also energy efficient. Whichever option you choose, we recommend opting for dimmable fixtures as it allows you to create various ambiances for different occasions.

Splash of Colour

Infusing vibrant pops of colour can be an exciting way to make your kitchen feel more fresh and lively. Forest or sage green, rich blues, and blush beige are some of the top colour trends of 2023 that can add depth and personality to your kitchen. These colours are suitable for cabinets, backsplash, and even a painted island. But be sure to maintain a balance of contrast when adding darker colours, so all the elements compliment each other. A double cabinetry also provides a good opportunity to experiment with different colours for the top and bottom. Not only does it add to the aesthetic value, but it also maximizes the storage space.

Butcher-block Island

Adding a butcher-block island instead of a standard island can upgrade your kitchen’s look in more ways than one. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also incredibly functional and durable. This makes for a timeless piece of furniture whether it’s a classic walnut finish or colourful hues, and the storage units give you extra space. If you happen to have room for a bigger island, opt for one that comes with a mini-fridge which can come in handy, especially if you like to host!

Brass Kitchen Accents

If colours are not your thing and you prefer a classic all-white or an all-black kitchen, adding brass accents can give your kitchen space a more modern look. By incorporating brass in faucets, bar-stool legs, hood vents, and cabinet handles your kitchen will stand out all the while sustaining a minimalistic look.

Don’t forget to have fun while revamping your kitchen, and if you need help you can always hire us! To get in touch with us, visit us here.

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