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The Do’s And Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

How RENU My Condo Can Improve Your Bathroom

When embarking upon a bathroom renovation, it’s helpful to get advice from those in the know. Over the years—thanks to the countless renovations we’ve done—we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and we’re happy to share some of those tips and tricks here. Take these suggestions into account when planning out your project and you’ll be happy with the results. Read on to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of bathroom renovations.

Do: Consider Water-Efficient Fixtures

Think long-term when it comes to your bathroom fixtures, as you can save a lot of money in the future by making smart choices now. In recent years, showerheads, toilets, and faucets have all become much more water-efficient. Because they use less water, it helps to conserve the precious resource and is better for the environment. Another factor to take into consideration is that most newer condos now bill for water separately from your maintenance fees. That means that using less water will save you money over time.

Do: Budget For The Unexpected

No matter how organized you are and how detailed your renovation quote, be sure to set aside some extra funds to cover any unexpected costs that may arise. It is inevitable that something unforeseen will occur and you will need to remedy it before the project can continue. By budgeting for the unexpected up front, you’ll be able to absorb the cost, address the issue, and move ahead without causing further delays. A couple of examples of surprise expenses? The drywall being damaged from removing medicine cabinets or discovering water damage you never knew was there.

Don’t: Use Glossy Tile As Your Flooring

When selecting the materials to be used for your bathroom flooring, stay away from glossy tile: it can be a real falling hazard. With water from the sink, shower, and tub, the risk of slipping on smooth tile is far too great. A much better choice is tile that has a matte surface; it has great traction. As a bonus, matte tiles don’t need to be cleaned as frequently and are low maintenance. Because of their finish they are better at concealing any stains, smudges, or dried water droplets. 

Don’t Use Paint And Primer In One

It can be tempting to skip a step and not prime your walls before painting, but we recommend that you do take this extra step. Many prefer to do just one coat, combining paint and primer into one. Over time, however, mold tends to develop and will be an issue. The reason for using a separate primer and paint is that it can help with moisture resistance. This one extra step you take now can save you a lot of work down the road.

Don’t: Use Too Many Dark-Coloured Materials

You may want to go for a moodier, more dramatic look in one of your bathrooms but we generally advise against darker colours on the floor, wall, and vanity. Though you may like the look, it has the unfortunate effect of making an already small area look even smaller. While you may not be considering selling your home for several years, it still pays to think about resale. If you do end up trying to sell your place, the darker hues may not appeal to a potential buyer.

Do: Consider Hiring A Professional To Renovate Your Bathroom

Just because it’s a relatively small space doesn’t mean that renovating it will be any easier. In fact, you could argue that in a smaller space that includes tiling and important fixtures, attention to detail and experience matters even more. When you hire a professional to do a bathroom renovation, you’re saving on time and headaches; you will know what can and can’t be done and can rest assured that all work is being executed to the highest standard. Trained pros can help you avoid all of the common mistakes and pitfalls since they know the best approach, methods, and materials to use.

Following these suggestions will result in a newly updated space that looks great, is safe to use, and appeals to potential buyers. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Gemterra blog for more great home renovation tips. 

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