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Tips For Converting A Bedroom Into A Nursery

Transforming a bedroom into a nursery marks the start of a thrilling new chapter in life, filled with anticipation and joy. However, amidst this excitement, the task can also feel somewhat overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve compiled a list of straightforward, practical tips. This guide will navigate you through the process of creating a safe and comfortable nursery for your little one.

Here are a few ways you can convert your bedroom into a nursery:


The very initial step to transforming a room is to declutter. If the bedroom you’re converting into a nursery is fully furnished with furniture, decor, and personal belongings you may need to reorganize things before you get started. Assess and sort out the things that can be thrown away, and the things that can be stored in a different room or storage. Once you’ve sorted out things, you will have something close to a blank canvas to get started on. This step is important because the less cluttered a space is, the easier it is for you to visualize how you want to set it up.

Colour Palette

When selecting the right colour palette for a nursery, opting for soft, muted, and neutral tones is a wise choice. These hues create a calming and tranquil atmosphere, suitable for a baby’s room. If your current bedroom boasts vibrant or trendy colours, you might want to consider a repaint, as these shades can quickly feel outdated and may not contribute to the serene environment you’re aiming for in a nursery. It is the easiest and the most affordable way to make a room feel like new. However, if your walls are already painted in neutral shades, there’s no pressing need to change them. These neutral backdrops are perfect as they are, offering flexibility in decor and a peaceful ambience for both you and your baby.

Essential Furniture & Storage

While furnishing a nursery, consider comfort, safety, and storage options. If your room is fully furnished, you can either move the furniture into a different room or sell it if it’s not needed anymore to be replaced with new furniture. For instance, your old bed can be sold to replace it with a new crib. But furniture like nightstands, dressers, or closets can be kept in and used for storing toys, diapers, books, and other essential items. This eliminates the need to buy brand-new furniture. You can complement this setup with a comfortable glider chair or rocking chair, for you to sit and play with the baby. A changing table with ample storage is also ideal, allowing for easy access to nursery staples while keeping the space organized. Importantly, for safety, secure all furniture to the wall, and strategically place the crib away from windows and electrical outlets to create a secure and peaceful haven for your little one.

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting contributes to creating a calming environment in a nursery. Installing dimmable lights or lamps with a soft glow is a thoughtful choice, as it helps minimize overstimulation for the baby, especially during evening hours. Assess the lighting fixtures you have pre-installed in the room, and if you can replace them with dimmable smart-lighting bulbs. If not, a floor lamp can also act as a night light. This can significantly contribute to establishing a healthy sleep cycle for your little one. The right lighting not only sets a calm and soothing atmosphere in the nursery but also ensures its functionality and adaptability for years to come.

Focal Point

Creating a focal point in a nursery adds a unique charm and personal touch to the space. A gallery wall is an excellent way to achieve this, featuring a mix of storybook characters, cartoon figures, and personal photos. Mixtiles offers a convenient and versatile option for this, allowing you to customize photo frames in your desired sizes and easily stick them on the wall without leaving marks. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in a nursery, as it gives you the flexibility to update and change the decor as your baby grows.

Soft Textures

Soft textiles are key in transforming a bedroom into a warm and cozy nursery. Adding rugs, blankets, and plush toys introduces layers of texture that enhance the room’s comfort and appeal. For bedding, opting for durable, easy-to-clean materials like breathable and soft cotton is ideal, especially considering a baby’s sensitive skin. Including a waterproof mattress protector is also a practical addition. If the bedroom already features items like soft throw blankets or rugs, consider repurposing them for the nursery. Alternatively, items that don’t fit the nursery’s needs can be sold off, with the proceeds used to invest in new, baby-friendly textiles, ensuring the space is both comfortable and conducive to a baby’s well-being.

We wish you the best of luck for this new and exciting chapter in your lives! If you’re looking to renovate your space before the baby comes, get in touch with us here.

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