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What Does your Condo Interior Design Style Say About You

Condo Interior Design Style

Chances are that you furnish and decorate your condo with an eye for a particular style. Whether your interior design style is about bold contemporary colors or more of a rustic farmhouse look, your condo decor is an extension of your personality. But what does your design style really say about who you are? Read on to find out!

Vintage Meets Modern

Mixing Vintage with Modern means you’re down to Earth and probably have an eye toward sustainability. Repurposing items and working with organic materials tell visitors about your practicality and grounded nature. However, adding those modern touches means you value functionality and order. You most likely have a very systematic mind and want your space to serve a purpose. There is no room for clutter in your life, and you’re also very determined and driven.

All Natural Decor

Do you love to include greenery and natural fibers in your decor? That means you like to keep things fresh and have a relaxed, youthful vibe. What’s more, you’re an  easy-going, practical person. Your friends would probably describe you as someone who loves to be comfortable. Your space reflects your easy-breezy lifestyle. You enjoy feeling comfortable at home and always have a positive outlook on life.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

Is your condo decor rustic farmhouse style? Chances are you love taking care of others and being authentic. Whether you live near the country or just love the idea, your home reflects your warm and down-to-earth personality. When it’s time to invite guests over, you want them to feel at home. Your interior design style radiates comfort and the desire to look out for others is reflected in your condo decor.

Contemporary Design

Decorating your condo in a contemporary style signifies that you have a wild side and are not afraid to put your whole personality on display. You’re most likely ambitious and driven too! You work hard, and play even harder! Between pops of color and trendy designs, your furniture reflects your bold personality. A contemporary design embraces architectural lines and the use of open spaces, which echoes your desire to live life on the edge. You’re confident with who you are, and your home reflects it perfectly.

Did these descriptions speak to you? Whatever your style, it’s always lovely when your decor reflects who you really are. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to visit our blog for more great reads.

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