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Bathroom Paint Colours to Match Your Zodiac Sign

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Is Your Renovation Quote Too Good To Be True?

With any renovation project, there are often additional costs that don’t make it into the initial quote. Moving furniture, demolishing and dumping, and clean-up are all services that may end up on an invoice and lead to a number larger than you expected. Unless you know to look out for these, the quote you get…

6 Bathroom Upgrades That Add Value To Your Condo

If you’re thinking of improving one of the bathrooms in your condo, we’ve put together this helpful list of ideas. Not only will these upgrades increase your enjoyment of the space, they will also add real value to your condo.   Change Your Caulking/Grout One of the easiest changes homeowners can make, and one that’s…

5 Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Condo

Renovations can be daunting if you don’t consider all of the factors involved. However, all you need is a little planning to ensure you are on time and on budget with a beautiful renovation that includes quality finishes. Avoid the headaches with our list of the five things to consider before renovating your condo. 1….

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