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Renovating Your Kitchen: How To Create Your Dream Cooking Space

Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating a kitchen is something most condo owners dream of doing. From choosing a colour scheme to picking out finishes, designing your dream kitchen can have a lot of moving parts but should overall be a fun and exciting experience from start to finish.

Think it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover but aren’t sure where to start? Read on for our top renovation tips for creating your dream kitchen. 

Signs it’s Time for a Kitchen Renovation

If you have always yearned for sleek, brand-new cabinets, sparkling quartz countertops, and a large island to prep meals at, then this is reason enough to take the leap and make your dream kitchen a reality. 

However, if you are still on the fence about whether you really need a kitchen reno, there are other factors you can consider.

If you are unhappy with the current design of the kitchen in your condo (no one likes 90s orange-tone wood cabinets or tiled countertops, let’s be honest) or there are issues like broken cabinets and chipped countertops, a renovation may be in order. 

Other signs it’s time to renovate your kitchen include:

  • Your kitchen is not functional for your family
  • You are lacking storage and prep space 
  • Your finishes are outdated 
  • You don’t enjoy using your kitchen
  • You have plumbing and/or electrical issues

If you enthusiastically agree with any of the above points, now is probably a good time to consider a renovation.

Below, we’ll dive a bit deeper into the most fun part about renovations – the design process.

Picking Out Finishes & Designing Your Dream Kitchen 

Picking out finishes and designing your new space is one of the most fun and exciting parts of renovating a kitchen. During this process, try picturing what you want your new space to look and feel like. 

Do you want a cool, sleek, ultra-modern vibe? Go for black or grey cabinets with sleek chrome finishes. Or, do you want to bring more warmth and pizazz to the space? Try a wood tone or pop of colour on the cabinets with gold hardware and a fun tile backsplash. If you want the space to feel more clean, bright, and open, go with all-white cabinets, counters, and backsplash. At the end of the day, you’re creating your dream kitchen, so it should reflect your personality and how you want to feel in your home.  

If you still have no clue about what you want your kitchen to look like, that’s fine too. We recommend taking a look at Pinterest and design magazines or just binge-watching HGTV until you have some idea of what your design style is. Then have some photos on hand of things you like and a list of things you don’t like that you can show your contractor.

Your renovation team wants you to love your new kitchen so they will work with you to come up with an incredible design you will love. 

Other Design Elements to Consider

While one of the goals of renovating your kitchen is to make the space look beautiful and more modern, you also want to consider your lifestyle needs as well. Do you cook a lot or hate eating all your meals at a formal dining table? Consider an island or long peninsula. Is storage an issue for you? Ask your renovation team for ideas to add built-in storage solutions. Do you have kids and feel like you are always doing the dishes? A large farmhouse sink might work great for you as well. 

Again, your renovation team will also be able to discuss these things with you and offer recommendations if you aren’t sure what you need out of your kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Renovation Team 

Renovating a condo kitchen is very different from remodeling a kitchen in a single-family home. There are usually space constraints and often permission is required from the condo board to make certain changes. For this reason, always work with a reputable renovation company that has years of experience remodelling condos and has a flare for design. A condo renovation company like RENU My Condo understands the unique challenges that come with condo kitchen renovations. We also have an in-house designer and project management team that will help you design your dream kitchen and make the process as smooth as possible. 

Learn more about us and the work that we do on our About Us page or contact us for an estimate.  

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