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3 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes & How To Fix Them

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3 Kitchen Design Trends to look forward to in 2023

From innovative ideas and clever design twists, kitchens of the future hold a world of excitement, and there won’t be a shortage of trendy kitchens next year! With that in mind, here are the top 3 kitchen design trends to look forward to in 2023.

Bathroom Paint Colours to Match Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking about redoing your bathroom but not sure which paint hue to choose? Try tuning into your astrological sign for inspiration! Since your home reflects your personality, your zodiac can impact how you design and enjoy your space. So read on to learn which bathroom paint colours match your zodiac sign, and start your renovation…

What Does your Condo Interior Design Style Say About You

Chances are that you furnish and decorate your condo with an eye for a particular style. Whether your interior design style is about bold contemporary colors or more of a rustic farmhouse look, your condo decor is an extension of your personality. But what does your design style really say about who you are? Read…

4 Surefire Ways to Make Your Condo Renovation Faster

Are you planning the renovation of your dreams? Are you spending hours designing every nook and cranny to perfection, putting things on your vision board, and filling photo galleries with inspirational pictures? We totally get it! Of course, once work is underway, you want the project to be finished ASAP. Whatever your reasoning is to…

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