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Why Spring Is The Ideal Season To Refresh Your Space

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How Long Does A RENU Renovation Take?

When you’re planning for a renovation it can be helpful to know how much time it will take for the work to be done. Having an accurate estimate makes it easier to plan the logistics because you’ll have a specific and realistic timeline. Of course the length it takes to complete any renovation depends on…

3 Benefits To Vinyl Flooring

When updating your flooring and looking for a new material, many homeowners these days are selecting vinyl. That’s because it’s a durable and versatile choice that has many benefits and it’s an especially smart option to consider for specific areas throughout the home. It also happens to be wallet-friendly, helping to stretch your decorating dollars…

What Buyers Look For In A Condo Renovation

Condo owners who are ready to update their spaces and looking to renovate may want to consider a few key elements before listing their property for sale. Buyers have certain expectations and a good first impression is always important to potential buyers. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular features they’re…

Condo Reno Trends That Will Rule 2021

Cowdray Court, named for the cul-de-sac around which this master plan will evolve, was presented to the Design Review Panel last month and received a mostly positive review.

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